Everyone likes the obvious feelings of order and cleanliness that come from a newly-cleaned home. The shelves are dusted, the carpets vacuumed, the sinks shined, and the floors mopped. But the rewards of a clean home go well beyond the fresh smell and sparkling look. Here are the five key benefits of a clean home:

  1. Fewer allergy responses. Cleaning reduces mold, mildew, germs and dust, all triggers for allergies and some lung diseases. A clean home reduces skin rashes, red and watery eyes and nasal irritation.
  2. Lower stress levels. Clean space is relaxing. Studies show a clean home reduces stress levels, improves sleep, reduces anxiety and reduces depressive symptoms. Scientists at Princeton University linked clutter to depression and fatigue.
  3. Fewer accidents. According to the National Safety Council, in 2020 42,000 people died from falls (tripping, slipping) at home and work. Falls at home are the #1 cause of death of older adults. Culprits include slippery floors and clutter.
  4. A better social life. People with clean homes are more likely to invite guests and extended family. Socialization, according to doctors at the Mayo Clinic, “increases your sense of happiness and well-being, and may even help you live longer.”
  5. Keeping pests away. Mice, bugs and other pests find ways into messy homes. They look for liquid spills, food debris and even dirty pet bowls, where they spread bacteria, germs and disease. 

When you hire professionals to clean your home, the benefits are even greater. You save on average six precious hours of time (seven if you have children), get the safest and most effective cleaning agents and techniques, and avoid the anxiety and stress of wondering where you will ever find the time.

What To Look For In A House Cleaning Service 

Not all house cleaning services are the same. Expert cleaners pay attention to details. They do the extras:

  • Not only clean, but disinfect
  • Clean the inside of microwaves
  • Clean andpolish faucets
  • Dust pictures
  • Empty all garbage
  • Shakeout rugs
  • Damp mop all hard floors
They offer options to:
  • Clean the inside of refrigerators
  • Clean the inside of ovens
  • Change bedding

Companies that offer companion services, like carpet cleaning, window cleaning and gutter cleaning are preferred. This consolidated approach simplifies maintenance, allows the company to take a personal interest in the overall well-being of your home, and enables you to become a priority customer. Many “one call does it all” companies also offer multiple-service discounts.

Look for third-party endorsements for house cleaning companies from AngiBetter Business Bureau and Home Advisor.

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