Carpet cleaning frequency depends on whether there are children, pets, smokers or people with allergies living in the home.  Here are the suggested intervals:

  • Every 3 months if you are a family with allergies or smokers
  • Every 6 months in high traffic areas, if your carpet is light colored, or if you have children and/or pets
  • Every 12 months with light traffic

These benchmarks assume that your carpets are vacuumed at least once a week to remove pollen, dander, dust and dirt. Without vacuuming, carpet dirt builds faster, destroying the carpet fibers and decreasing the life of the carpet.

Why carpet cleaning matters

Clean carpets look new and feel great. But even more important, they act as air filters. They trap dirt, pollen, dander and germs (along with spills, muddy paws and pet accidents). And, from smokers, tar and nicotine. 

If not cleaned, the carpet fibers clog up and degrade. Dirty carpets lose their fiber strength and their ability to filter the air. They show wear signs and visible dirt. They become breeding grounds for bacteria and, in particular, germs that cause lung diseases such as asthma.

Self-cleaning vs. hiring a professional

Self-shampooing is not as effective in restoring the health of your home and your carpet as is professional cleaning. Professional cleaning equipment has more extraction (suction) power to remove both detergent and dirt/germs.

Professional cleaners also offer options that may be more effective than a rental shampoo: steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Many professionals use “green,” eco-friendly cleaners and can penetrate carpet fibers deeper than rental cleaners and are more effective in removing stains. All cleaning compounds are child and pet friendly.

Professionals avoid common DIY mistakes: leaving too much water, which promotes mold growth; using extra shampoo, which ends up in the carpet, attracting dirt; damaging wood furniture; and using untested stain removers that actually widen the stain.

Even better, professional cleaners offer a range of additional services, from doing stairs, pre-spotting, deodorizing and using soil retardants and anti-static treatment.

How to select a professional carpet cleaning company

Choose a carpet cleaning company that uses professional grade equipment, such as van-mounted extraction systems, and hire only trained and certified technicians. These companies can also clean upholstery, drapes, tile and grout, and area rugs.

If you also have area rugs, select a company that will pick-up, clean and deliver area rugs. Be sure they employ cleaning solutions and processes that are safe for wool and other high-end rugs.

Companies that offer companion services, like house cleaning, window cleaning and gutter cleaning are preferred. This consolidated approach simplifies maintenance, allows the company to take a personal interest in the overall well-being of your home, and enables you to become a priority customer. Many “one call does it all” companies also offer multiple-service discounts.

Look for third-party endorsements for carpet cleaning companies from AngiBetter Business Bureau and Home Advisor.

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